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Are you in need of reliable and affordable Accounting Services in Cape Town?

Namakwa Books Pty Ltd provides Accounting Services in Cape that would improve your financial position and at the end of the day save you a lot of money and prevent any unnecessary penalty fees to the South African Revenue Services also known much better as SARS (the tax man).

Some of the Accounting Services we provide also include the following: Bookkeeping, Tax accounting, Chartered accounting, Forensic Accounting, Financial controller services, Accounting audit, Bank Reconciliation, Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, Payroll processing, and many other Accounting related services in Cape Town.

We provide the most competent Accounting and Bookkeeping services you will find in South Africa.

If you need the best Accountant Services in Cape Town, you should definitely enquire about the special price we will tailor-make for you, as each and every single company or business has different needs and requirements, we feel that you should have a price that is specially created for your business or company or even just for you as an individual.


Accountant Cape Town

Accurate and transparent (honest) accounting is the foundation and most basic need for any successful company setup, whether it be really big or really small.

We, at Namakwa Books Pty Ltd Accountants, fully understand how important clear-base accounting can be for any company’s financial well-being and success. With our 30+ Years of experience in Accounting Services, we have served our ever-growing database of companies and individuals right throughout South Africa with a wide range of online and in standard accounting services. With a cost-effective approach in hand, we have offered various kinds of accountancy and other business-related consulting services to clients based all across of South Africa.

Are you expecting something more from your accountancy service provider and tax advisor in Cape Town or Johannesburg? Being great accountants and tax advisors is far more than just making and filing numbers. Namawka Books in Cape Town loves working with individuals, freelancers, contractors and small to medium sized based business owners. We also love giving them the tools and assistance they require to ensure that they are able to make it to the very top. We also provide the most tax competent structure and planning consulting services possible in South Africa.

Our senior member and Owner Koos Erasmus specialize in accounting, tax investigation, bookkeeping, tax advice, accounting solutions, and other financial consulting services. This professional experienced accountant and owner will lead your business and boost your business with smarter, faster growth. We offer a completely hassle-free solution and on-time delivery of our services to clients. Namakwa Books Pty Ltd is one of the best small accounting firms in Cape Town, South Africa and Registered with SAIPA.

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Year-end accounting services in South Africa

Namakwa Books is considered to be one of the top small accounting firms in Cape Town. We assure our timely delivery of accounting as well as professional and experienced financial consulting services are never short of being the best in South Africa.

At Namakwa Books, our small but professional expert team of accountants understands the importance of year-end accounts for Businesses. We therefore take great care of all your day-to-day personal and company bookkeeping records, and we always deliver them to you 100% accurate, 100% of the time.

We assist you from the preparation of annual accounts up until the point where we send, submit, or deliver your reports and filing at SARS. We take care of everything in between, all the way through the process up until your finances are safely covered.

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