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Liquor License Consultants in the Western Cape of South Africa

We are specialists in liquor license renewals, applications, and liquor license transfers in Cape Town.

Since 1990, Cape Town-based consultant, Koos Erasmus has been assisting small to medium-sized businesses based in the Western Cape of South Africa in acquiring their liquor licenses in the fastest and least expensive way possible.

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Namakwa Books Pty Ltd can assist you in acquiring a liquor license, buying and transferring a liquor license, and of course renewing your liquor license with extremely high success rates, as they have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to the Requirements and Standards of Western Cape Liquor Act and Regulations.

Up until today Koos Erasmus is considered to be one of the most professional and experienced consultants and the authority on all things related to acquiring, buying or renewing a liquor license in the Western Cape.

What do you need to know?

Owning a liquor license in the Western Cape is a time-intensive and potentially expensive activity (and that’s when it is done by Koos Erasmus and his Team which are considered to be one of the best liquor license consultants in the Western Cape today).

In the hands of a liquor license consultant who is inexperienced or has barely any experience, or office infrastructure, this price (in Rand and, most importantly even worse, in time) will skyrocket to extraordinarily unaffordable prices. We see and hear of it happening regularly before clients end up finding the right place, of course being Namakwa Books Pty Ltd.

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What are the general costs involved in getting a liquor license in the Western Cape?

While the majority of clients are more concerned with the annual liquor license renewal, only a few remember to take the upfront costs into consideration when first applying for your liquor license.

The short honest answer is there is no precise answer, but that being said we could give you an approximate idea of what the costs generally work out to.

This is just a very vague estimate and not the actual pricing as it differs, and it is ultimately determined by a number of different factors of the client that is busy applying for a liquor license.

This will depend on numerous factors including:

  • The amount of time it takes to complete your application
  • Your cooperation and efficiency when supplying the WCLA with your documents and plans.
  • All other information that we require.


Please note, that we supply an admin service where we monitor and advise you in time when it’s time to renew your liquor license.

liquor license pricing

Please note that these figures are merely guidelines for the costs. You will probably end up paying slightly more than the figures quoted above.